Lets Talk About Our Strengths!

There’s Always Room For Growth, Right!? Ever Considered making a list of your strengths? Doing so opens the door for improvement in the areas we are naturally good at. Stay w/ Me! If your a good artist now, could zoning in and enhancing your craft be the difference in you becoming a expert or mediocre? The question for you today is, How dope do you … Continue reading Lets Talk About Our Strengths!

“Standard Principles To Live By PT 2.

The Continuation of “The Standard Principles To Live By “. Full Section Found in “Passages To A Better You”. Link Below: https://westwingalpha.com/passages-to-a-better-you/ Do The Best You Can w/ What You Have. By doing the best you can, with the resources you have. You eliminate the pressure of needing more until it’s time to receive it. It’s very easy to lose momentum when one is focused … Continue reading “Standard Principles To Live By PT 2.