Ever Wondered, If You Were Exactly Where You Needed To Be?

Too Often..

We second guess our position in life and the stage of life we are in. Worrying if we are in the right place or if a mistake you’ve made along the way threw you off coarse.

Today I want you to know, that God has you exactly where you need to be. Throughout any mistake you have made, he knew you would make it. This does not take away from his plans for your life. During our times of uncertainty and trying to discover who we are, everything you need is right there. despite our experiences in life, we are to remain steadfast in our passions and purposes. Any resources you’ve asked for to take a craft to the next level.. is right there.

The issue is that Often times, we’ve asked god for things that we “think” we haven’t received yet. But what if you have? more often than not, god answers our prayers, its just that the answer may not come in the form we expect it to be.

We have to learn to slow down,  see which resources and people god has placed around you. If you need a program for your computer, you may not have the money for it, but maybe your next door neighbor has an extra copy.. Resources are brought to us in many different ways.

If there is a will within you, there is always a way. Regardless of what you’ve been through.


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