What is A Bottom Line & Why Is It Important To Have One?

The Shield That Protects Your Heart & Soul.

A bottom line is a line one draws in the “sand” that no one, can cross. This is a line you have drawn to say, ” You Cant Do This to me or Treat Me This Way”. This is an unspoken agreement with self. An agreement that is carried through the way one treats themselves and allows others to treat them.

Creating a bottomline and not allowing anyone to cross it, can be tough in the beginning. Especially to those that you care about. As you further develop the love of self, you will begin to see that drawing a bottom line is a form of protection, of self. Furthermore, how important it is to have one.

So how does one create a bottomline?

Through the experiences of life. You don’t know what hurts until you’ve been hurt. So, in which ways have you been hurt and be damned, that you will ever feel that way again?

Pain could range from betrayal, disrespect, or being perceived a certain way. There are many things that can cause pain and would warrant a person to not want to be connected to it

Everyones bottomline looks different. Take the time to create your bottom line. The shield that protects your heart and soul.


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