Are You Allowing Fear, To Be The Ruler of your Life?

As Powerful, as “ Fear” can seem. It’s nothing more than a mere feeling. Fear cannot physically harm you, touch you, or affect you. Fear is Mental

A Form of Internal Imprisonment. A suffering within.

So How does one free themselves? How does one not allow such an intense feeling, keep them from being who they truly are or experiencing a life their curious about?

Through Understanding & Letting go of the need to control.

Fear doesn’t go away. Anytime you embark on something new, your going to feel the anticipation, the nervousness, anxiety, fear, intimidation.. (All depending upon the weight of what your trying to accomplish.)

Being open to winning or looseing. Succeeding or failing. This is the toughest, being there’s no way to control the situation. You cant control what comes after you’ve “done your best”. & for most, not having control is “ a deal breaker”.

Yet, the need for control is a primary element that prevents us from experiencing life. So, Where’s your faith? 

To have faith means to let go of the need to control everything. Relying on God to stand in front of everything you can’t see or control.

There are people that won’t board a plane because they can’t trust. They have the need to be in control of every situation. I chose this as an example today because I have a close family member of mines that won’t fly. When becoming aware of this. It instantly broke my heart. How does one sacrifice the experiences and opportunities of life because their scared or nervous? It saddens me because I can’t imagine leaving an earth that I haven’t been able to explore or witness.

The leap, The toss up, the moment when everything is up for chance. 

Lean into the courage and boldness within you, as it will allow you to persevere. The boldness within you will not allow you to back down. The boldness within you will allow you to shine through all that seems uncertain. Dare to be bold and Push Through Fear.


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