Be Bold In The Ways You Are Insecure!

Today I’d like to get into our insecurities. There’s not one person alive that doesn’t carry an insecurity. An insecurity being, each way a person is not secure with themselves mentally, physically, or spiritually.

Often times we hide behind our insecurities. Feeling shameful about them. Thinking we are the only ones in the world that could perhaps feel “A way”. I’m here to tell you, this way of thinking is a false one.

We’ve all looked in the mirror and seen things we didn’t like or wanted to alter. We’ve all picked up a book and didn’t know a word. We’ve all tried something new and did not know how to do it. We’ve all gone to god and have felt a little shameful for the things we’ve done or thought.

What’s important is what you do with the areas you lack confidence. What is the flip side?

Well, if you’ve read a book and didn’t know a word, did you look the word up or did you crumble in Pitty. If you’ve looked in the mirror and saw something you didn’t like, did you look up some products to clear up that skin or start litmiting junk food to slim down a bit? If you had the confidence to try something new but when beginning the task you experienced difficulties. Did you seek guidance or did you quit?

I think you guys can see where I’m going here. It’s all about what you do with that insecurity.

Choose to be bold in the ways you are insecure.

See something you don’t understand or like, fix it. There’s nothing you can’t have. It’s just often times it requires work that most don’t people don’t want to put in. Could it be laziness blocking you? Could it be the opinions of others?

If so, Neither of these reasons are good enough to not do what’s best for yourself. Only you know what’s best for you. Block Out The Noise & The fear of failure.

Step out & Be bold babes!

W/ ❤️ WWA

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