The Acceptance Of Self.


The acceptance of who you are, where your from, & where you are currently in your life. The acceptance of your ruff starts, mistakes, wins, family drama, scars, accomplishments and failures. We must accept the good and the bad. They are not sold separately.

There is freedom in accepting who you are. Loving and embracing the elements that have molded you into who you are.

We are an accumulation of our physical and emotional experiences. Take time and begin to breakdown the elements that have made you, you. Begin a healing within yourself. Mentally & Emotionally. Holding on to our broken ways will prohibit us from being our best. Honesty, Understanding, and patience is needed during this time.

Make sure the focus is on you and how each experience of your past has affected you and made you feel. Good & Bad. You are your responsibility. It’s your duty to create a safe space for yourself. Including your environment, the people you surround yourself around and confide in. You should surround yourself around elements that are encouraging, kind, honest, and motivating.

There’s so much we battle on a regular basis. I have the understanding that life, is not always nice. In those times, it’s imperative to make sure your circle and environment is a strong one. We all need a “covering” from the outside world. Your covering must make you feel safe and protected.

If you don’t have that, it’s okay. If your someone that’s more alone than surrounded with company. You, must be your greatest source of strength. You can do it. I’ve been there. I’ve had to dig deep within myself to sustain my own happiness and joy. Without the assistance of anyone. It’s always been me and god & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Hold tight until change comes. The life of freedom, peace, love, and unity will come to you. Stand strong in your values. Stand strong in choosing to not have toxic elements in your life. It’s not always easy, but you have to start. Start your journey of accepting you are, where your from, and where you are in your life,right now.

W/ ❤️ WWA

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