This Very Moment, Is A Gift.

No matter what life looks like to you at the moment, accept her for what she is showing you and has shown you. If there is one thing I’ve learned is that we are all an accumulation of our physical and emotional experiences. Those are the makings of you. Some of those makings are beautiful and some are painful.

Accepting the present. Your life as it is at this very moment, releases you to receive and embrace your future. It all starts with gratitude. Being thankful for the simple things. For waking up in the morning, for the breathe in your lungs, for having a job, no matter how much you dislike it or feel out of place when your there. You have a job.

The uncomfortable areas in our lives are designed to build character and to teach us. The lessons of life aren’t always pleasant. You must be appreciative of the good and the bad. Further more, learning and seeking understanding from your encounters.

Start accepting and appreciating where you are, today.

Stand strong in the areas that bring you pain and seek understanding from it. I like to say, “Don’t Let Your Pain Got To Waste, Learn From It.

Alter the way you think about a situation. If it feels horrible, it’s just a mere feeling for you to stay away, or cut that portion of your life out. Perceiving instances in this light will only minimize the pressure you feel when embarking on a negative experience . Furthermore, allowing you to be appreciative of the lesson.

Accept and embrace your present. After all, it is a gift.

W/ ❤️ WWA

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