Do You Care For Yourself As well As You Care For Others?

Self care is the action behind self- love. To have love for something, means for It to be handled with care. As you should do with yourself. Too often we put ourselves on the back burner.

Offering support, time, & energy to everyone but ourselves. In doing so, can you say you really have love for yourself, if you don’t take care of yourself?

Self love is our underlying factor. What We do with that love results in The care of self.

Lending a helping hand is our duty. But in order for the hand to be genuine and for it to come from a place of love. The individual giving needs to be in a good place mentally & emotionally. On My YouTube, I have a video discussing that balance. I will embed the video below if you want to take a look. But there should be no strain on the heart in giving or lending a helping hand.

So the question lies. In which way do you exercise the act of selfcare? Do You Make Giving Back Yourself a Priority? We must take care of ourselves in order to give and be of service genuinely and without strain upon self.

Take Some Time To Reflect and being asking yourself those questions. Be inspired to take better care of yourself today!

W/❤️ WWA

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