Skin Care Product Review!

Pure Tropix!

Hey guys! So today I wanted to take a moment to talk to you about a product I’ve been using. Pure Tropix. I felt this was a great one to share being it’s a Natural Scar & Blemish Cream! & you guys know I LIVE for natural products!

I must say, this is my 1st time trying something that hasn’t been grown from the earth lol. Being most of what i use are things like Turmeric & Aloe Vera. Grocery Store Purchases. Although it’s Natural, it’s my first time trying a Branded item in a while. So I was a little skeptical.

Interesting Story. I was in a Starbucks.. of coarse before we were all quarantined! A lady approached me randomly and started telling me about her skin story and though I should try it out. She mentioned she had Hyperpigmentation issues like I had and it cleared her skin up. Not To Mention Y’all, her skin looked beautiful! I told her thank you and kind of sat on the information a little while. Like a month lol.

After some time passed, I decided to just try it! I thought, the product must really work if someone would go out of their way to recommend it. Right!? Also, my skin was stagnant.. it wasn’t getting any clearer. So I said fuck it. Lol. Let’s go!

Item came about a week later. Order and processing Was No Problem. When I tell you guys the Vibrancy of my skin looked so much better, the next morning! I meant that. I was taken back. Not to mention, the texture of the product was amazing. I’m enjoying the product as a whole. It’s been a few weeks and the really dark shadows on my face are gone!

No, I’m not working with them or promoting them. lol But just like that girl had to tell me. I wanted to do the same and share a great item! Ladies & Gents! Order some!

I placed an order for my second bottle already! I also ordered the Elixir. I will keep you guys posted on how it goes! If anyone has heard of this Brand, let me know in the comments. If so, share your experience as well if you don’t mind!

See you guys next time & Stay Safe!For more Beauty Tips, Click The Link below!

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