Feeling Uneasy During Quarantine?

Feeling a little uneasy.. a little anxious during this time in Quarantine?

I got You! Lets declutter our space! Technically its spring and I know with all thats been going on its so easy for us to forget!

So lets do a little Spring Cleaning! Organizing the space around us organizes the mind. Allowing our thoughts to breathe and flow.

4 tips to get you going:

  • Clean Out Your Closet
    • Dontae! Donate! Donate!
  • Remove the Apps on your Phone & clear space on your computer.
    • Organizing our media and only leaving whats important keeps you focused. Less distracted on whats not important.
  • Toss out Expired & Unused Makeup
    • For the ladies & queens of coarse!
    • Get rid of all the old expired is actually doing a little self care for our skin. using expired makeup is no good for us.
    • Being we are constantly on the go, who actually has time to sort through everything!? use this time now to do so!
    • maybe when your done you can treat yourself to something new!
  • Put Yourself On A Schedule.
    • this many not necessarily be on the ” declutter” list. But! having your day organized ahead of time Keeps you moving.

To See More ” Passages To A Better You” Click the Link Below!


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