Standard Principles To Live By Pt. 4

Make The Best Out of Each Circumstance & Situation.

Welcome Back! I Hope my Principles have been of some use to you guys! Lets get into Principle 4!

Making the best out of each circumstance reflects the gradtutde in your heart. This reflects ones contentness and acceptance of the present. The acceptance of where one is in their life. And the acceptance gods plan for it. Having this mindset gives you an abundance of joy and gratitude. Your days are much lighter and the persuit of life becomes a joyful one. 

Amongst the joy you feel within, this opens the door for you to receive more. Any additional pieces of equipment you needed to make an instriment whole.. is now on sale for %50 off. A Software Program to enhance a skill.. turns out next door neighbor has an extra one.God will show you his face the moment we are genuinely trusting & accepting of his will for our lives. Please don’t think for a moment he couldn’t tell the difference.

Thanks for reading! To view the 1st Three Principles, Click the link below! See You Next Week For Principle 5!

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