Are You Pouring From An Empty Cup?

Giving To Others, More Than You Give To Yourself?

Happy Monday Alphas! I Hope You all Had Beautiful Weekend! & Happy Mothers Day to all of the Amazing Mothers!

Today i’d like to get into how so many of us

“ Pour from an empty cup”

  • Giving TO Others More Than You Give To Yourself 
  • Thinking of others more than you think of yourself.

If this is you. Can you recall how tired and bogged down you may feel? Can you recall how frustrated and empty you have become.

Taking on the responsibility’s of other people. Yes, family is included. Leaves no room for self- care. Indeed, we should always lend a helping hand and be supportive. But we must LEARN to create a balance!

 For those of you with big beautiful hearts, its so easy to put yourself on the back burner. Your also someone that can be easily taken advantage of. Especially, by those you care for. ( I’ve been here)

With the heart you’ve been given, you must learn to protect it. ( which I’ll go into deeper on another post) One shouldn’t  give too much and not too little. In other words, create a balance. If you need to be selfish TO be selfless (ONEDAY), Do it. If you need to pour into yourself for a little while  so you CAN pour not others. So Be IT!

As we continue to pour from an empty cup, we deplete the energy we have for oursleves.

Giving more to others than you give to yourself..Is this helping you or hindering you? If your constantly on call for friends and family, does that leave anytime for self- care. Self- preservation? Growth? Progression?It doesn’t. And if you can relate to what I’m saying,  you may be feeling somewhat stagnant in life. But I’m here to tell you today. Choose Yourself!

Putting yourself on the back burner means that you value the lives of other people more than you value the life of your own!

Now is that the case?Im sure its not. Today, I want you all to recacess your responsibilities. The responsibilities you have of yourself. To reach and obtain goals. Then make a list of the responsibilities you take on of other people. If the responsibilities of others out weigh the work and efforts you are putting into yourself, its time to reacess!

I will warn you!  When you begin to withdraw from certain relationships and spend less time, it may not rub people the right way lol. ( I laugh because I’ve experienced this 1st hand & its quite intriguing how when you begin to zone in on you, it upsets people) 

There may be confrontational conversations. This is where you have to stand for yourself!

If you approach someone that loves and cares for you and express to them that you have to spend more time “ working on yourself” WHATEVER that me be. Sleep, Spa, Reading, Studying.

And they can’t understand that. Begin to reacess the relationship the two of you share. Looking into the relationship to see if your more of the friend or family member to them then they are to you. If thats the case.. stand strong in choosing you and exit.

The reveal of ones intentions usually surfaces when you begin choosing yourself.Dont let it get you down. Depending on the relationship, it can hurt. But remember, You Come First!

Thank you all for taking the time today! I hope todays message was insightful and perhaps encouraging enough for you to begin choosing yourself! I can only speak to you about the things that I have experienced and had to overcome for myself. Choosing you is HARD in the beginning, but I promise you, its worth it!

To see more passages, click the link below. See You all Soon!

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