Beauty: 🧪Quarantine Hair Experiment

Week 2

So since we are all Quarantined. I thought I’d do a mini experiment! To see how long I could get my hair to grow! (Something To Keep Me Busy lol)

I’m on my 3rd week and I’ve actually seen some results! It’s a homemade mask..Consists of Mayo, Eggs, Avocado, T-Tree Oil, & Honey. Before applying the mask.I part my hair in 3 Rows and apply the Aloe Vera. Directly From The Plant to my scalp. Not an over the counter item.

No Lie, The Aloe is actually the funnest part. Lol There’s different ways to apply the plant, but I’ve found a much easier way. Being I’m someone who does not own a blender! You’ll see.

This is Wk 2! Join me on YouTube To Catch My Weekly Postings! Follow Below!

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