Oversized Jackets. Do We Love or Hate?

Love Love Love!

So although we are all stuck in quarantine! I thought I’d dress up a bit! This day in particular, a couple of my friends and I got together and hung out. ( In The House) Lol.

There’s nothing more comfy than a bodysuit and nothing more cozy that an oversized sweater!

I could live in an oversized jacket, sweater, or coat! Besides the comfortability factor. Its swaggy. Usually the flow of my style. Especially on cool and causal days. I like to drape it over my shoulder or leave it open. I usually pair them with a tube top and a legging or a tee and a legging. Stretchy pants have become my go to! Jeans, I usually break out on special occasions lol.

Let me know below if you guys like the oversized look too. I can’t imagine I’m the only one! Showing: Nike Mens Fleece paired w/ a BodySuit from Babes & Felines.

I Hope you all are staying safe and busy! Be sure to stimulate your mind body and spirit during this time. Stay uplifted. Til Next Time!

To See More Style Inspo! Click the Link Below.


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