“Standard Principles To Live By PT 2.

The Continuation of “The Standard Principles To Live By “.

Full Section Found in “Passages To A Better You”.

Link Below:


Do The Best You Can w/ What You Have.

By doing the best you can, with the resources you have. You eliminate the pressure of needing more until it’s time to receive it. It’s very easy to lose momentum when one is focused on what they are lacking. Directing your energy and attention on what you don’t have will destroy your spirit, productivity, and creativity. Consider yourself blocked.

I began writing my book without a computer. Yes! In the twentieth century, I was without a computer. In fact, it was the fartherst thing from me.Yet a decision I had to make. Knowing it was necessary to start and to not allow the lack of one resource to keep me from producing.

10/10, its about how bad you want it. What you are willing to do, accept, or give- up. Of coarse, along the lines of your conscious.See You All Next Wk For Pt 3.


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