Style: Bodysuits. Staple Item!?

The Body Suit..

Hey Guys Welcome Back! Today id like to get into STAPLE Items! I love a staple and versatility, which are pretty much the same to me!lol

To me a staple item represents an item that you can mix & match anything w/! Staple pieces for me include outerwear. I love an oversized jacket. in which Ill have a post for you guys on those soon! I also consider socks a staple item, they tend to add a little swag/ attitude to your look. Socks work well if your a sneaker girl or a bootie girl. So no worries! Another item would be of coarse, the body suit I have featured above! Talk about convenience. On a good day, I wouldn’t have to wear a bra, which is a bonus for me! Amongst all the colors and textures bodysuits come in, you can pair them with anything. Sweat, Jeans, skirts, Leggings.. or as is! Its a great way to add a little sex appeal to your outfit.. or night in..! Take A look a the images below.. you can see bodysuits mixed and matched. Also, you can control the level of sexiness of a bodysuit as well. Which I feel is important to add. Every woman has a level of comfrotablilty. So rock it how you feel!

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to rate/comment this post and others if you have the time! If you’d like to see more of WWA Style, click the Link below. Stay Home! Stay Safe! See You Soon!

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