Standard Principles, For Living Day By Day. Pt. 1

Today I’d like to introduce you guys to: “The Standard Principles For Living Day by Day”

My overall intent of life is for it to be a joyful and prosperous one. But if I know better than anyone.. it takes time to get there. There are so many mountains, valleys, and choices we have to make to obtain greatness. As overwhelming and unexpected life can be and once was for me, I developed a set of principles to keep me level headed, joyful, and productive. Not everyday is going to be easy. So what do you do on the tough days? On the days where your mind is distracted by disappointment or frustration? The days when your low in spirit and energy..

As they say, those are the days that matter the most. So, what are you going to do to snap yourself out of a negative state?If you don’t have any techniques!? I got you!

1.Burning Confidence, Your Life Has Purpose
2.Do The Best You Can w/ What You Have
3.Seize Each Opportunity
4.Learn From Your Mistakes
5.Maintain Momentum
6.Make The Best Out of Each Circumstance & Situation
7.Seek Understanding

I created 7 Principles to live by, daily. No matter whats on your plate, you will be able to turn to one of the seven, to redirect your brain from a negative one to a positive. To bring it back to being productive and creative. Not sure if you guys have tried it, but ever sat down to do some work with a mind full of thoughts and emotions.. Cant focus right? Well, neither can I. I’m the same!I’ve been there and I’m no good. lol I personally, have to make sure my mind is organized and focused. So lets get started! Each week, you can expect to see a new principle!

Burning Confidence Your Life Has Purpose: You, Yourself, and Your life. Has purpose. No matter what the world is showing you on the outside. You must always know you are destined for something great. There must be No doubt and have the utmost of certainty. This is an Unchangeable Fact. Everything we think see and know to be true can’t be changed unless we choose to no longer believe. Thats how much Power we have.

When 2- 7 fail. You will always have one. This is your bottom line, your safe space.No matter how f’ked up your day was. Run to your place of comfort and absorb the greatness that lies within you. Returning to this very principle soothes your uneasiness. It reminds you of what your doing and why. It reminds you that all things are temporary and No matter the uncertainty of what your environment reflects/ shows, it is not apart of you. There must be an undying confidence in knowing your life has purpose and you are determined to achieve that. This, Trumps ALL.

See You Guys Next Wk for Principle Pt 2! Please be sure to Rate and Comment. Let me know if I’m explaining things well. Let me know if my passages turn the light bulb on in your head.. Thats I really want!

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