Help Yourself First, So You Can Help Others

Put Yourself First!

There comes a time in each of our lives where we have to begin limiting the responsibilities we take on of other people. This passage is especially for those who carry large loads of responsibility w/ family and friends.

If you haven’t noticed by now, you don’t have anytime for yourself. The things your passionate about, you don’t have the time to zone in and stimulate them. In order for us to continue to grow and develop individually, we have to develop a balance. A balance with the  load of others you are able to carry and yours. 1st, you should be able to handle all of your responsibilities. THEN 2nd, after you have taken care of yourself, see what time you have left to devote to help out or hangout.You will come across some weeks where you are able to give and some weeks where you are not able to. Thats okay.

In order for anyone to give with a genuine heart, one can’t feel weighed or bogged down. We have to make sure we have enough time stored in our schedule to make ensure, we are at our best. Then when it comes to giving, it can be a joyous act.

When making the decision to adjust your schedule to better suite you, there may be some backlash. The people you once had time for may be little upset. Don’t let this get in your way. Depending on the situation and the person at hand, there could be a mountain of reasons as to why they are not understanding of you needing time for yourself. Quite frankly, no one needs a reason to spend time with themselves, but this is the way our world is. Stand your ground in each aspect of you.

Today, id like to leave you by saying, We have to help ourselves, so we can help others. Give to ourselves first so we can pour into others. Stop pouring from an empty cup and work towards building a cup that can overflow, without draining you.


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